Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Math Practice & Baseball

Yes friends, I'm still here. I don't know about you but school has been CRAZY since spring break! The end of the school year almost stresses me out as much as the beginning! We've been busy learning as much as we can, practicing our kindergarten program, and having as much fun as possible! Here are a few pictures to show you what we've been up to in our little kindergarten bubble!
 Our math skills have been superb this year! My lions have really impressed me with their understanding of addition and subtraction! I give credit to our daily math journals! This is the first year I've used math journals and I can't say enough great things about them! When I first introduce a skill, we practice and model on our Promethean Board before the students go to their seats and complete the problem in their journal. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my Promethean Board? I do believe it's my favorite teaching tool!

Another fun thing we've been doing is using baseball to help us practice some of our skills! I have a lot of boys who play baseball so when Melonheadz posted her baseball clip art I had to have it! I whipped up a math & literacy pack and we have been using it during our math centers, literacy centers, & writer's workshop! You should have seen how excited my lions were when I introduced our new centers!

Here's a freebie just for you from my baseball pack! Just click the picture below and you'll be directed to Google docs so you can download your own copy!

I only have 18 days until the last day of school! My lions and I have been counting down the days. I love it when they say, "I don't want to leave kindergarten"! It amazes me how much I fall in love with my kids every year! Kindergarteners are special little people that have taught me a lot over the past 10 years!

Here a few of my new packs on Teacher's Pay Teachers! Simply click on the pictures to be directed to my TPT store! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your freebie!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sight Word Egg Hunt

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter yesterday! My spring break has officially begun today! Having an entire week off is just what I need to get some things done around the house and of course get caught up on some units I've planned for school.

So, my question to you is..."Are you allowed to celebrate Easter at your school?" I am allowed to celebrate the commercial aspect of Easter with my kids. So, of course we had to have an egg hunt. Here's the twist to our egg hunt though...the kids have to read the sight word on the egg in order to keep it! We call it our "Sight Word Egg Hunt!" Every year I have my parents send in plastic eggs filled with candy. We tape them closed and add a sight word label to each egg. The kids get a bag and a checklist and they're OFF!
 Here's our sight word list! Grab a copy for your files or use it this year!

Last but not least...we had a special Easter guest reader on Friday! My wonderful mother-in-law came to our class and read a few Easter stories to my lions. She even made us little bunnies to wear! I'm a lucky girl! Thank you Jean for being so wonderful! 

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