Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lions are the Kings of A.R.!

My class mascot is a lion so to help celebrate our Accelerated Reading achievements I created this display. "Lions are the Kings of A.R.!" When a student gets into the 5pt club, I give them a lion with their name on it to color and cut out. Then we tape it to the display and start adding crowns for each point club they get into! The kids love being able to see what they've earned. It helps them make reading goals for themselves and stay motivated!
(sorry the picture is so acting up)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Creative Classroom Idea

My kiddos helped me create this cute ladybug lamp for my desk.  Each student put their fingerprint on the shade. I turned them into ladybugs using a Sharpie and wrote their names underneath. I found this clear bottom lamp at Walmart. I just simply unscrewed the pieces and dropped a box of crayons into it! Added some glitter and red ribbon to the shade and I was done! My kids from this school year still come by my room to make sure their lamp is still on my desk!!  Great way to create memories!

Hallway Displays

Activity used during our Living & Non Living Unit. I recreate this display every year using something different that lays eggs.

Great Way to Display kids' work in the hall!!  They love going out in the hall to change their shirt!! 

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