Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Week 1

Our class elf arrived last week and so far so good! The kids are trying so hard to be on their best behavior! This is one of my favorite times of the year to be a teacher. The innocence of my kids warms my heart!

I was stalking Pinterest one night and found a great blog post by Maria over at Kinder-Craze and I thought to myself..."I can do that!" So, thank you Kinder-Craze for being my inspiration and getting me started this year! {click on the image to be directed to her blog}

Here's how my week went...
DAY 1: Writing Letters to Santa
We used Maria's freebie (from the pack above) to write letters to Santa to request our elf. First, we brainstormed ways we could convince Santa to send us one. As you know, I LOVE my Promethean Board so I created a flip chart page to record our ideas. My little lions did a fabulous job thinking of ways to persuade Santa! Then it was time to write our letters and send them off to the North Pole!!!

DAY 2: Our elf arrives...
Wow, Santa has super fast mail! We walked into our classroom and found a special delivery from Santa under our Christmas tree! So, we opened our gift and guess what we found...OUR ELF! I bought the Elf On the Shelf box last year at Barnes and Noble. It comes with the elf and the book.

If you've read the book, then you know you have to name your elf before it becomes magical. My lions came up with a variety of names...I'm a little OCD so I picked the top 3 and then they voted! Our elf's name this year is Jingles!

 DAY 3 & 4: Where's the Elf?
So of course the first thing the kids do when they come in now is locate the elf....even before they unpack! It's not hard to get them back on track though, all you have to say is "The elf is watching you so you need to unpack and get your day started." We found our elf in our Christmas tree on day 3 and the kids have decided that he feels safe being near the tree. Then on Day 4, we found him under the tree with a surprise and a little note! My lions thought it was so funny that Jingles used my Scentos markers!

Looking for more elf ideas? I've joined Mel D's linky party over at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations and there are LOTS of great blog posts about how other teachers are using their elves! Simply click on the image below for a direct link! Thanks for stopping by!

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