Thursday, November 28, 2013

We are thankful for...

First of all, I'm thankful that my school system has given us the entire Thanksgiving week OFF!! Yippee...I really needed a break! Next, I'm thankful for my wonderful group of first graders and my fabulous first grade team!

Last week we read Junie B. Jones, First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten by Barbara Parks to go along with everything Thanksgiving we did that week! If you haven't read that book, it is a MUST read. There were times when the kids and I were laughing so hard that I had to stop reading to them to catch my breath! So, to celebrate Junie B. Jones and Barbara Parks (RIP) we had pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving treat! I had to lay some ground rules spitting it in the sink if you don't like it! (read the book to get that statement)

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our pumpkin pie!

Thank you all for being so supportive of my blog, Facebook, and Teachers Pay Teachers!  This past year has been a triumph because of you!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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