Friday, March 8, 2013

Kindergarten Rainbows

Who doesn't LOVE rainbows? I know I make a wish every time I see one! Here are a few things we did this past week while learning about them! PS: My good friend Pinterest helped me out!

Isn't Mr. Roy G. Biv the cutest dude ever! Pinterest linked me up to the blog Made for 1st Grade where I found this great craft! All of my lions know the color order in a rainbow now!

We also used rainbows to review compound words this week! Miss Kindergarten's "Compound Words Craft" was easy to prepare and make! (Click on the picture above for your very own copy) Like I've said before, my lions LOVE making crafts this year! They work so hard and are so focused...believe it or not but they actually stay quite! Who knew?
Our compound word rainbows turned out great and they look awesome hanging from our clothesline!

We had a lot of fun this week learning about rainbows and they are a great segue into our upcoming St. Patrick's Day unit! Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Love!!! Your class did such a great job with their crafts! So cute! Thanks for sharing :)


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