Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Crafts

We have been celebrating Spring & Easter this week and my favorite activities have been our crafts! I fell in LOVE with our St. Patrick's Day shamrock sun catchers so we had to make new ones for spring! My lions are pros at creating sun catchers now! Simple...flower outline filled with tissue paper then laminated!

We also made Easter wreaths which turned out to be a really funny part of our day! I showed the kids how to cut the inside of a paper plate out for the wreath. I turned around to do something on my computer and when I looked up the kids were wearing them on their heads while they colored! Giggling the entire time! 

The graphics for this craft are from Kari Bolt! I LOVE her clip art! You can find her TPT store by clicking on her logo

I have a lot of great ideas written down in my notebook for spring and upcoming units! I'm crossing my fingers that I can get most of it done! I've been creating morning work for my grade level all year and have finally decided to start creating monthly packets! April morning work will be up SOON! 

Tomorrow at 3:00pm, my SPRING BREAK officially begins! I can't believe this school year is almost over...35 more days once we get back. Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Post: Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

Howdy!  Allow me to introduce myself!  I am Greg from Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten!  I am well known for glitter...mustaches...and silly hats!

Thank you Nicole for allowing me to visit your blog.  I promise to behave!

I want to share some the activities and centers that we're using to build our CVC word blending skills.  CVC words are such important pieces of the reading puzzle for our kindergarteners that a solid foundation is vital.  We practice CVC words daily during our whole group lesson, the monsters work on CVC words during centers and we do CVC picture sorts a couple of times a week for even more practice!  We even do CVC words during Morning Meeting!  Yeah, we do a lot of CVC word work!  

This center uses CVC word cards and clothespins.  Students use the clothespins that are programmed with letters.  They clip the letters onto the word cards to build the word.  Then they read the word.

This basketball themed center allows students to write their CVC words.  The cards contain a picture of a CVC word and are laminated.  Students use their sounds to write the words!

This super cute center came from my friend Shuna at Pocketful of Kinders!  This set has different levels that include beginning sounds, middle sounds, ending sounds and all the sounds.  The student's say the words and write the missing sound!  

This is another word building center.  I created these tiles using some of the billion (yes, I think there are a billion of these tiles in my room....they keep multiplying...) plastic tiles and a cute Scrabble tile font I have.  Students select a card and use the tiles to build the word.  Then they read the word.  Or stack the tiles.  Or build a fort with the tiles.  Or dump the tiles out.  You know, they do what Kindergarteners do!

This is our most requested CVC center.  For obvious reasons!  The students get to write CVC words on the Smart Board!  There are 30 words in this center.  They write the word and click to the next slide.  I have 3 versions of this center:  middle sounds, ending sounds and all sounds!  How do you get to be a rockstar teacher:  SMART BOARD!

Finally, we have a written assessment piece weekly.  I give the students this sheet with different CVC words and they write the word.  This gives me a quick glance at how they're doing with CVC words!

Yeah, that's how we roll with CVC words in the kindergarten smorgasboard.  Here is a little CVC I Have Who Has game for you!

Thanks for reading my mindless ramblings!  

And here is another freebie, just because I love that it features my doggie Butters and my handwriting!

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Shamrock Art & FREEBIE

Our theme this entire week has been St. Patrick's Day. We have had so much fun learning about the history and culture of Ireland! St. Patrick's Day symbols popped up in all of our activities!

As I'm sure you all know, identifying individual sounds in words is a BIG task for us in kindergarten! This week we worked on ending sounds! 

 My lions LOVE to read! We make books all the time in our class. This week we worked on our "Leprechaun, What Do You See?" books. We worked on sounding out words, writing words, & identifying sight words!

What craft did we do this week? "Shamrock Sun Catchers" of course! After our week of rainbows, my lions and I decided our shamrocks were going to have rainbow colors! These look amazing in our windows! I will be keeping these up until the end of March!

Here are the steps to creating this easy craft.
1. Cut shamrock shape out of green construction or card stock paper. Make sure you cut the inside of the shamrock too!
2. Laminate the shamrocks.
3. Students glue tissue paper to the plastic until they can't see through the shamrock anymore. 
4. Laminate the shamrocks again and POOF you have sun catchers!
I realize there's a lot of laminating but trust me it's totally worth it! Our pre-k teacher gave me this hint!

Thank you for stopping by! Here's a St. Patrick's Day bookmark just for you! Add a piece of cute ribbon to the end and your kids will have a cute bookmark for March.

Don't forget to stop by my TPT store for your copy of my St. Patrick's Day Math & Literacy pack! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Madness Sale

So, my inner cheerleader totally came out while I was getting my pictures ready for this post! Yes, I was a cheerleader in high school and LOVED it! Anyways, this post is about a big event happening Sunday, March 10th through the 12th...KINDERLAND MARCH MADNESS SALE at Teachers Pay Teachers!! I know March Madness is suppose to be all about basketball but I decided to be the cheerleader instead! So, I'm going to cheer for my friend Faith over at Kindergarten Faith!
This past week my lions practiced their vowel sounds with Faith's Vowel Crossword pack! Once we practiced and they figured out that some of the words shared a letter I couldn't stop them! They were so funny to watch! I love it when my kiddos get excited about learning! Faith has included practice pages for both short and long vowels! This pack was easy to incorporate into my week and printer friendly! (Click on the pictures to get your very own copy at Faith's TPT store!)


Hurry over to TPT and get some great products from some of the BEST kindergarten bloggers and sellers! Our items are 20% off until Tuesday, March 12th! Trust won't be disappointed! 


Friday, March 8, 2013

Kindergarten Rainbows

Who doesn't LOVE rainbows? I know I make a wish every time I see one! Here are a few things we did this past week while learning about them! PS: My good friend Pinterest helped me out!

Isn't Mr. Roy G. Biv the cutest dude ever! Pinterest linked me up to the blog Made for 1st Grade where I found this great craft! All of my lions know the color order in a rainbow now!

We also used rainbows to review compound words this week! Miss Kindergarten's "Compound Words Craft" was easy to prepare and make! (Click on the picture above for your very own copy) Like I've said before, my lions LOVE making crafts this year! They work so hard and are so focused...believe it or not but they actually stay quite! Who knew?
Our compound word rainbows turned out great and they look awesome hanging from our clothesline!

We had a lot of fun this week learning about rainbows and they are a great segue into our upcoming St. Patrick's Day unit! Thanks for stopping by! 

Spring into March Literacy

Spring is in the air here in Georgia! Stinky Bradford Pears are starting to bloom and my kinders are getting ready for first grade! I can't believe we only have 50 days left in kindergarten! 

As I've said before, this time of the year absolutely amazes me! We've worked so hard since August to become independent learners! Here are a few of the activities we've been doing lately...
Yes, I LOVE Saxon Phonics but this year our county is following Recipe for Reading. However, I have extra copies of the little phonics readers that are perfect for guided reading! I've also made a few comprehension/ phonics skill sheets. Would love to post these but can't because of copyright laws. Sorry friends.

One of the most popular Word Work activities in my room is "Sight Word Secret Codes". I made copies and put each sheet in a color/numbered folder. The kids start with 1 and over time complete all 10. Here lately my kids have been trying to get them all done in the 20 minutes we have for centers. PS: They have to read all the words to get a super smelly star on their paper!! (Scentos Markers ROCK!) 

Shout out to my friend Deedee Wills at Mrs. Wills lions LOVE her monthly writing stations! Of course, I own all of them! It's so awesome to see my kids smiling and writing (at the same time)! You can get these awesome packs at Deedee's TpT store by clicking on this picture...

Who can unscramble sight words? My lions CAN!! At first this was a hard concept for my kiddos but we've practiced and now we're champs at it! This is one of our March Word Work activities and it is included in my St. Patrick's Day pack

Speaking of sight's a FREEBIE for you! Simply click on the picture to download!

Click on the pictures to be directed to my TPT store! 

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