Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day FUN

Whew...I don't know about you but I'm sure glad Valentine's Day is OVER! I love how excited my lions get but golly it wears me out! I came straight home today and took a nap! Here are a few pictures of our V'day party! It was a HIT thanks to all my wonderful parents! 

First up are pictures of our February family projects...Valentine Boxes. ALL my kids did a wonderful job creating their boxes! Having this activity as my family project takes so much stress off of me! 

Pose for Mrs. Lanier....or not.  

My fabulous room moms did an amazing job organizing our "Lion Candy Shop" and party food! I was able to walk around and actually enjoy the party because of these amazing moms! Thank you ladies!

Once we were done eating it was time to go through our boxes and look at all the wonderful goodies our classmates had given us!
Last but not least...our Valentine's Day craft by the wonderful Miss Kindergarten! The kids did an amazing job following directions and putting this cute craft together! They looked great hanging in our room for the party! My lions love crafts and are so particular about the details! (Girl bears have to have eye lashes!)
You have to visit her TPT store for her amazing craft templates! She's always posting new ones! (click on her product picture to be directed to her TPT store.)

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