Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Flashback

Yay, it's Friday! This week flew by for us! Our days were packed with learning and time just slipped away! Here's a look at all the fun we had this past week!
"Team Up Against Drugs"...everyone one wore their favorite team shirts.
This is picture of the Auburn crew.

"Spirit Day"
We show our school pride every Friday by wearing red, white, & blue.
These lions were wearing our new school shirts today.

Activities this Week...
Shape Corners & Sides Sort
Spooky Ordinals

Make a scarecrow using shapes!

"Write the Room"

"Word Work" stamp words & write them

 Grab your copy of this awesome activity by clicking on this picture!

Here's my first clip art set ,"Thanksgiving Feast"! I'll be working on the second half of this packet this weekend! Check it out at my store! (click the picture below)

Thanks for visiting Friends!  Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Fun Day & Freebie...

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I love sharing pictures! Well, the camera was out today so I thought I would share a few of our activities!

I've posted about math journals before, but I have to say it again...they are wonderful! My kids' number sense is the best its ever been at this point in the year! This is how our daily math journal routine goes...

After we do calendar math and dance, we all gather back on the carpet for "Journal Time". I have a special flip chart page that I paste a picture of our daily entry on. We discuss the shortcut date and I write it everyday. Then, I do a little mini-lesson with whatever our skill is we are practicing. My little lions help me by answering questions and filling out the entry on the board.

Once we are finished with our mini-lesson on the carpet, my table captains pass out the journal pages. The lions are dismissed from the carpet to complete their entry. We have never missed a day of math journals...the routine is set in stone now!!! 

Step 1: Cut your entry out.

Step 2: Get your math journal out of your table's work tub.

Step 3: Find the next (or skipped) page in your journal.

Step 4: Glue your entry into your journal.
I tell my kids to make a big X on the back of their page with their glue sticks.
This keeps some of my friends from completely covering the back with glue!

 Step 5: Fill out your journal page.

 You can seriously hear a pin drop during math journals! Their little brains are so busy they forget to talk!!  (unusual for this group...they are chatty) Since my friends work at different paces, they are allowed to have a few minutes of quite reading time once they are done.
"Journal Time" normally takes about 20 minutes each day. 
Packet 2 available at TPT

Mondays are always the days I introduce the letter of the week. Our letter this week is J! Here's a glimpse at our craftivity we made today!  Nothing wild and crazy but the kids still loved it! Sometimes simple is the best way to go!
"Jars full of J's"

Grab your own copy here!

One more thing before I wrap this post up...
As you all know, this is "Red Ribbon Week". Today we wore our silly socks to "Sock It to Drugs"Tomorrow is "Team Up Against Drugs" & we'll all be wearing our favorite team shirts! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lesson Plans & Lion Pride

Hold the phone...I got my lesson plans done last week! I'm starting to feel normal again! All the changes in our curriculum this year have thrown me for a loop! Would you like a peek at my week? 

Here are a few links to some of the resources I'm using from other teachers...great ideas!!! Thank you girls! (click on the pictures and you will be directed to their TPT shops)

Isn't this the cutest picture EVER...we have lots of "lion pride" in our room! His mom made him this shirt...I've been very lucky to have all her children in my kindergarten class! This is number #3

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Week-In-Review

What have my little lions been up to? Well, thanks for asking because they've been doing lots of learning over the past 2 weeks! (Yes, it has been that long since my last post.) Here's a picture story of all the great things we've been doing...

We started our Shape Unit in math this week. Here's a look at all the activities we've been doing during math stations. 

Emergent Reader Trace & Color Shape Book

Cut & Paste Shape Sort (independent group)
Yes, I'm one of those teachers that let's the kids work anywhere!
 Pattern Block Pictures (independent group)

"Candy Land" number & number words review game

 This is what my room looks like during math group are the ones on the rug. 
Of course I'm standing in the corner near my desk to take the picture. 
They don't even notice me with my camera anymore! 

Recess Time!
My kids are little posers now! 
If I take the camera outside, they all yell "Mrs. Lanier come take my picture"!

Yes, my kids bring their "shades" to school and get them out of their book bags right before we go outside!

 Last week's "Letter of the Week" craftivity!
We read "I Wanna Iguana" then made our own iguanas climbing uppercase I's!
They turned out super cute! I love hanging our work on our clothesline!
New Letter of the Week Pack at Teachers Pay Teachers!

 "Super Star" Sight Words
Step 1: build sight word on your card.

Step 2: Match the number on the card to your record sheet and write it!

 Record sheets were differentiated to help some of my lions with their handwriting.

Posers...the camera was out during Daily 5!
Some of my lions were able to do this activity independently.

iPad FRIDAYS have been here since the beginning of the month! My lions LOVE them! 

Freebie TIME!

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