Saturday, September 8, 2012

Open House, Maps & Police Officers...OH MY!

We started our Community unit this past week. The kids thought these maps were the coolest thing ever! I was shocked "seriously all you're doing is coloring" but apparently this batch of kiddos loves to color! I made this activity the old fashion way by cutting pictures from a book, taping them down then drawing the roads and trees myself. Put it on the copier and POOF you have a cute map!
The kids had to read the map key and color their maps to match. They did a fantastic job! So proud that they could read it all by themselves!

We also started discussing the jobs in our community that help other people. The kids were so excited when I showed them the hats we were going to make! When I fit the sentence strip to their heads they magically became "Officers". Their whole attitude changed and each one of them started acting so serious!

Okay, so when I got my camera out they weren't so serious!

We also had Open House this past week! I saw the idea of putting balloons at each kids seat on Pinterest! (If this was your idea, please comment so I can give you credit.!) Such a simple thing to do and it made my room look great!
View from my TA's desk is on the left and my teacher nook is in the back on the right.

The balloons match my table colors. You can also see my Promethean Board in this picture. I created an apple tree with all the kids names on an apple. They had to pick their apple and put it in the basket to show that they were there. The parents got to play on the board too!

My kids left their book baskets and math journals sitting out so they could show their parents. Oh and you can see that I tied blow pops to the balloons to weigh them down.

View from the back of my classroom.  


  1. Such a cute activity! Newest follower :)

  2. Everything looks awesome! I love your maps and balloons for Open House! Enjoy your year!

  3. Love the hats and the scavenger hunt! Borrowing these ideas :) Do you happen to have a copy of that hat?

    1. Believe it or not...I actually drew the hat pattern! I'll be bringing the hat and map home tomorrow to scan. FREEBIE??? Thanks for stopping by!


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