Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Fall Unit, Freebie, & Giveaway

This packet is available at my TPT and TN store!

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Here's a freebie for YOU from this packet!

My friend Jennifer over at Herding Kats in Kindergarten is having a fabulous fall giveaway! There are TONS of amazing prizes! Make sure you visit her blog and enter! Simply click the button below  to get to the giveaway quickly!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall & Tasty Fire Trucks

Happy Fall Y'all!
Fall is one of my favorite units to  teach and I always start my unit off with painting fall leaves! I love to hang them from the ceiling in my looks like leaves are falling all around us! I have tons of fall books but this year we read "The Leaves on the Trees" before painting.
Here are few pictures of us painting today! My unit time is at the end of the day so we'll have to cut them out in the morning. I'll post another picture of our fall room later! 

We also practiced putting fall sentences together today! They had so much fun being bossy and telling the kids holding the words to move around. This activity will be included in my Fall Unit (coming soon). I originally made it as a pocket chart activity but I don't have any free pocket charts to use so I used my kids instead! 

 "Tasty Fire Trucks"
We celebrated the end of our Community Unit last Friday by making "Tasty Fire Trucks". This is not one of my original ideas...I found it in a book. It was so long ago that I honestly couldn't even tell you which one it was. (If you know, please leave a comment so I can give the publishers credit.) 

Materials Needed for this project: each child needs 1 paper towel, 1 paper plate, 1 graham cracker, 1 popsicle stick with big scope of red icing, 3 pretzels, 2 Nilla Wafers, 1 Chex cereal, 1 gum drop.

Step 1: Spread the icing onto the graham cracker. If you get icing on your fingers you must LICK IT OFF. My kids always look at me like I'm crazy because they expect me to say wipe your fingers on your napkin.

Step 2: Add the wheels.
Step 3: Add Chex cereal window to truck.

Step 4: Build a ladder using pretzels.
Step 5: Add gum drop for serene.
Step 6: Let Mrs. Lanier take your picture

Step 7: EAT and ENJOY!
Class yelling "Tasty Fire Trucks"! Did I mention that I did this activity at the end of the day? Sugar them up and send them home is my motto! We had so much fun doing this activity!

Last Note: I used a font color other than purple! GO ME! I was also listening to the new Dave Matthews Band album while creating this post so if it makes absolutely no sense it's because I was distracted. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter G & Math Station Pictures

Last week's letter was are a few pictures of our craftivity!

G is for Gumball Machine! The kids used dot markers to create their gumballs! You could have heard a pin drop in my room while they were working! Activity was a success!

 Math Station
Last week we practiced decomposing the number 5 with help from "Mr. Fix It" and our linking cubes!
I edited this sheet for another teacher on my team who wanted to use her red and yellow math chips.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Products, Lunch Choices & Sneak Peak Freebie!

I've been working on a few letter packs and a new math center numbers packet. I finally got them uploaded to Teacher's Notebook tonight! Click on pictures to visit my TN store.

I've had a few followers ask me how I use my Promethean Board for lunch choices. After my kids unpack their book bags they head over to the PBoard and make their daily lunch choice. It's nice because my TA can quickly see the board and record our choices for the cafeteria. And I can simply print the page so I can make sure my kids are in the correct order for lunch. This is a good way to take attendance too! All my lunch choice clip art came straight from Google and I have them all saved in a word doc so I can copy and paste!

I'm currently working on a "Community" literacy and math packet. Here are 2 freebies to get you hyped up! Just kidding...but seriously come back soon to see the finished product!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Open House, Maps & Police Officers...OH MY!

We started our Community unit this past week. The kids thought these maps were the coolest thing ever! I was shocked "seriously all you're doing is coloring" but apparently this batch of kiddos loves to color! I made this activity the old fashion way by cutting pictures from a book, taping them down then drawing the roads and trees myself. Put it on the copier and POOF you have a cute map!
The kids had to read the map key and color their maps to match. They did a fantastic job! So proud that they could read it all by themselves!

We also started discussing the jobs in our community that help other people. The kids were so excited when I showed them the hats we were going to make! When I fit the sentence strip to their heads they magically became "Officers". Their whole attitude changed and each one of them started acting so serious!

Okay, so when I got my camera out they weren't so serious!

We also had Open House this past week! I saw the idea of putting balloons at each kids seat on Pinterest! (If this was your idea, please comment so I can give you credit.!) Such a simple thing to do and it made my room look great!
View from my TA's desk is on the left and my teacher nook is in the back on the right.

The balloons match my table colors. You can also see my Promethean Board in this picture. I created an apple tree with all the kids names on an apple. They had to pick their apple and put it in the basket to show that they were there. The parents got to play on the board too!

My kids left their book baskets and math journals sitting out so they could show their parents. Oh and you can see that I tied blow pops to the balloons to weigh them down.

View from the back of my classroom.  
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