Sunday, August 26, 2012

Still HERE...

Yes, friends I'm still out here! I'm so sorry that blogging has taken a backseat to getting adjusted to the new school year. These past 3 weeks of kindergarten have been an awesome adventure! Of course, I have the best class in the school! Seriously, my kids caught on to our procedures with a quickness and they're rock stars in the hallway! They love looking at books and our stamina is already at 12 minutes during "Read to Self". 

I wanted to share a few random pictures that I've taken so far this year. Remembering to take the camera out during the first few weeks of kindergarten is tricky but I managed to do it a few times.
I took this picture before the kids came...we have strategies posted now!
This board has been updated. I'll post a recent picture later this week!
Blog inspired hallway display!

Kids exploring letters at their tables during the first week of school! 

Math Stations during the 2nd week of school: Play-doh numbers & Number flash cards.  For some odd reason, I only took pictures of 2 of my tables.

More pictures to come...


  1. I start tomorrow! I have it on my list to take pictures before they arrive-we'll see if I get that done!

  2. Your classroom turned out super cute! And you can never go wrong with play-doh!

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