Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily Five Pictures

My post is going to be short and sweet tonight. Today I had a proud moment when I looked up from my small group to see all my kids rockin' our Daily Five time!  We've been working hard these past 4 weeks building our stamina and practicing our Daily Five procedures. Here are a few pictures...don't let anyone tell you kinders can't do Daily Five!
Yes, I'm one lucky teacher! I always have the best kindergarten class and I'm not afraid to tell the world!!  These girls are so engrossed in their books that they didn't even realize I was taking their picture! The small tape player my friend is using came from Ebay for only $5!! The pillow pets (all 12 of them) were donated and my kids LOVE them! It's the small things that make reading so special in my room!

Yes, my friend is using a Leap Pad for her "Listen to Reading" time. What can I say...I'm very blessed to have (had) such wonderful parents over the years who think of me while yard selling on the weekends!

I love having parent volunteers come in and work with my kids! My friends are stamping their color words at the writing center!

Nice and comfy in our library while listening to his book!

"Word Work" They are matching up their friends name cards to their picture on the record sheet. Great handwriting and matching activity!
"Word Work" These girls are practicing their color words using Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Seriously, you want to lay in the "kitchen" and read? My friends make me laugh on a daily basis! (Our kitchen is just our sink area in the back of the room. We keep our snacks and lunch boxes on the counter. I even have a small convection oven for our cooking activities.)
Laying under the table is very popular in my room! I even have a few kids who lay on the table. It doesn't bother me as long as they're reading! Again, it's the small things that make reading fun!
I'll be adding more pictures and activity ideas as the year goes on. How is Daily Five going in your class so far this year? I would love to hear about everyone's experiences! 


  1. Wow! Great job! Your kiddos are doing amazing with daily Five! Love all those reading places.

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  2. Your students' reading places are so funny! I have to say, I'm the same way - as long as they're reading I don't care where they're sitting (within reason of course!).

    Love to Learn


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