Friday, July 6, 2012

School is Opening!!

I got an email from my principal earlier this week letting everyone know that the school will be open next week!!  I'm so excited to get into my classroom and set everything back up! I'm going to take before pictures to show you the mess I have to deal with every summer! Stinks having tiled floors that have to be cleaned and waxed every summer. Last weekend I hit up all the favorite teacher stores in town...Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Dollar Tree, School Box. I got lots of great stuff and the eye from my husband when I walked in with all my goodies! He just doesn't understand why I have to spend my own money, "Doesn't your school give you money for all this stuff?"   Uh-NO, the money they do give us is for paper and craft supplies. All the extra things I want to do in my room come out of my (our) pocket. So, the point of all this rambling is to let you know that I'll be posting "before" pictures on Monday! I love going to other blogs and seeing how they set up their room! Majority of my list of things to do came from either Pinterest or other blogs! So, check back on Monday!!  YAY!


  1. Hi there!! I'm just stopping by to remind you that your feature will be up in a few hours for Fabulous Blogger Friday!! :) Come over & take a peek!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Can't wait to read more from Nicole Lanier.
    From her GREATEST FAN, Mom

  3. Can't wait to see it! I have to wait the week before school start to set up. Best of luck :)


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