Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rockin' Resources Linky Party

I'm a linky party addict! It's just so much fun reading and sharing information that I have to join them!!!  The newest one I've found is "Rockin' Resources". I started thinking about some of the things I can't live without in my classroom and they seem kinda boring but I'm sharing anyways! 

1. White-Out: I'm OCD when it comes to my writing! I have no clue when it began but it was pretty early in my life. I'm one of those people who always has to decorate my paper whether I'm just making a simple list or taking notes at a faculty meeting. I prefer the pens because I like to make bubble letters and they aren't as messy as the bottled stuff.
Here's an example of my writing....(don't laugh it's ridiculous I know).


2. Timer: I have always had a timer in my classroom! After about the 2nd week of school my kids automatically clean up when it goes off! I've tried a variety of timers in my 9 years but an old fashion kitchen timer is my pick! You never have to worry about the batteries running out or running to your desk to turn it off because the beeping won't stop! I have a Promethean board so sometimes I use the timer function and silly noises to get their attention too!

3. Sharpies: At the beginning of every school year, I go to the office supply store and buy the biggest set of Sharpies I can find! Yes, I use them up EVERY year! It's an expensive habit but I use them for everything! 

I couldn't find the one I's way cuter!
4. Big Desk Calendar: I love having all my important information right in front of me on my desk (color coded of course). I'm a little scatter brained so it helps me to write down all my deadlines, meetings, units, etc... I actually went to the teacher store here in town today and purchased my new one for this year!!

I splurged a little at the teacher store on this pack of paper!
5. Cute Paper: I love going to the dollar store and stocking up on cute computer paper and notepads for the year! My weekly newsletters are very colorful!! (I have to make it stand out in their weekly folder so parents actually notice it and read it!) Fun paper makes me smile and it's the little things in life, right?   

6. Starbucks: Yes, I have a Starbucks across the street from my school and I stop every morning! I know what you're thinking...doesn't that get expensive? On a normal day, I usually get an iced coffee which doesn't cost much. However, gift cards tend to come in regularly and they are always for Starbucks! My parents know I need my Starcrack on a daily basis to survive! I stand in my doorway every morning greeting my kids with my coffee in hand! It's funny because I tend to sit my coffee down in random places in the room and then I forget where it is! Good thing my kids are always watching me!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to click on the linky party picture so you can share your list!


  1. I love sharpies as well! I start my day with my large coffee from home everyday and usually have it in my hand when I greet the kids. I too leave it in random places in the room. Funny how we as teachers are pretty similar!
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. I definitely can relate on most of your favorite things. I love decorative paper. I have caught myself buying only decorative paper when I go places. I use it up so quickly that I can't have too much. :)

    Elizabeth L.
    The First Grade Jungle Room

  3. lol I also make bubble letters for EVERYTHING! I also agree on the class timer..sometimes I lose track of time and forget specials..

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to join in the PAR-TAY! I love your writing . . . it's not dorky at all. I always struggled with handwriting and got B's on my report cards (my teachers felt sorry for me - it probably should have been more of a C-). So, I always am in awe of those with pretty handwriting. Thanks again :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  5. Love the sharpies as well. I would love to have Starbucks nearby. I'd probably be stopping by everyday. Cute handwriting (I like to make dots too).

    "The Wonderful World of Kindergarten"

  6. I'm your newest follower:) I was laughing about needing your Starcrack:) I can't imagine working across from a Starbucks...DANGEROUS! The desk calendar is great. I love using the calendar for notes about parent communication. I can jot down when and who I called and then elaborate later when I have more time. I also write down who was the Student of the Week and when I sent home positive notes to parents. I'd love for your to check out my blog!

    Kelly Teach


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