Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Post

I got up this afternoon (don't judge) and decided to go to school and get something done. On my way there, I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up my online order!  My book baskets are finally here! They are so pretty too....pink, purple, teal & bright green! At first, I thought they may be too small but after testing them out THEY WORKED GREAT!

Once I got to school, I plugged my iPod into my computer and got to work! There was no one else on the K hall so I turned my music up really LOUD!! My first task was to put my word wall up!  I got the border up and started working on the grid using painters tape. I took a break to say hello to some of my 2nd grade friends and when I came back...all the tape had come off my board! So, I tried again and apparently I was working with moody tape because this time it stayed on the board. (weird right?) I checked my email, laminated a few things and then I left. The A/C on my side of the hall  was out and I couldn't take it any longer! The humidity here in Georgia is awful! 

Not a very productive day at school but I did bring home a large crate of books to be sorted & labeled this evening. I also brought home all the stuff I laminated so I could cut it out while I watch reruns of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 (best season in my opinion).

On another note-
I made a trip to School Box last week and here are some of the things I bought for my classroom! 

Ready Letters that I couldn't resist! 
T-79756 Colorful Patterns 4-Inch Playful Combo Ready Letters® 

Polka Dot Borders

Tons of colorful paw prints stuff!
more border
color coded behavior stamps
Cute computer paper
more stickers
Okay, time to organize some books and watch Grey's! Thanks for stopping by!    


  1. Your purchases are great! I got those same borders!

    1. Great minds/teachers Jennifer!!! We have good taste!

  2. Very cute items! I gave you an award!!! Stop by my blog to pick it up! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

  3. Thanks for checking us out! We are now following you too. Love the Lions!! Our school mascot is a lion cub named Cubby. No judgement here about going to work on your classroom. I am anxious to get back in myself, just waiting on it to be cleaned and ready to go. Can't wait to start reading your blog!

  4. LOVE your purchases! I thought I was the only one that jammed out while no one else was on my hall! You have a great blog!!! I nominated you for a blog award!

    Laughing with Lane


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