Monday, July 9, 2012

Classroom Pictures.....BEFORE

So, I got up early today (SHOCKER) and headed over to school to take all my stuff I've been collecting this summer.( It's nice to have my dining room back!) Here are the pictures of what I found when I walked in...brace yourself cause it's scary! 

The hallways are always so sad during the summer. Nothing on the walls on the kindergarten hall. And of course the first thing you notice when you come back for the first time in the summer is the SMELL!  It's a combination of floor wax, toilets that need a fresh flush and that odd school smell that no one can describe! 

Here's my room entrance! The walls are sad but I'll fix that before the month ends! I've already drawn up my welcome display and it's a good one!  I've never had the same welcome display twice!

Let's go inside and see what has happened to all my stuff since the custodians moved it all around to wax the floors....please notice how nice and shiny and white they are right now!!!  My kids keep it that way too! They learn early on how to sweep and Swifter correctly! LOL

I'll admit that at the end of the school year I just started stashing stuff to get it put up quickly! I hardly have a clue where everything is but as I put stuff back in it's place I'll find what I need. It's a nice way to purge too! I have stuffed lions everywhere in my room....see my big lion in this picture? He lives in the listening center so I'm sure he's anxious for me to get is home put back together!  That table doesn't look as comfortable as the bean bags he's use to.

See what I mean...I just started stacking stuff up onto the tables!!  LOL  Oooo look at my desk on the left side of this picture, my purchase order came in!!!  YAY! Can't wait to go through it because I have forgotten what I ordered.  It will be like Christmas! 

WOW, you can really see the boxes on my desk in this picture! You may now oooooo and awwwww at my nice shiny floor!   That door you see in the back is to our restroom and small closet area. We share with the room next door. I prefer to call my neighbor my "suit-mate" (good 'ole college days).  And you can see my palm tree back there too! It's in the sink right now!

Why is my chair by the front door when my desk isn't? Strange things happen while we're away in June. That's my TA's desk on the left side of this picture. My room kinda looks big in this picture but don't let that deceive you! Once all my stuff is out it will look much smaller.  LOL

My Promethean Board is all covered up so nothing weird (like floor wax) gets on it. I took a picture of my walls that I drew up on my OCD teacher post. My plan is to put the finished pictures up and see how I did with my plan. Do you want to know what really excited me about walking into my room today?   My numbers, alphabet, shapes and color words were all still hanging on the walls!!  That hot glue I used really did the trick! 

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my disaster that I have to put back together by August 3rd. I was going to stay today and at least move my furniture back but the pool was calling my name!!!!  "Nicole, where are you?  Summer isn't over yet!"  Check back at the beginning of August to see all my AFTER pictures!   I would love to see other classroom pictures so leave me a comment with a link to your room!


  1. Your room is huge. I like that little area that juts in. I can't wait until you get it all decorated and organized!

    1. I think my room only looks big because of my camera!! LOL

  2. Can't wait to see your finished room! I love seeing everyone's organization/design! Glad you found my blog so I could find yours...I'm a new follower!

  3. Wow!! Your room is very big! My room is probably half that size. I am excited to see pictures as you get it decorated! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. i like how the entry way has windows and a glass door not like some schools here in ohio our class room doors are solid wood and no window luckily we got windows in the class rooms and ac . nice room cant wait to see ya after pics. have a great year. i love kinder kids such a great age. i am a pre k teacher.


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