Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebie

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's 12:34am here in Georgia which means....IT"S FRIDAY FREEBIE TIME! I actually didn't know the date earlier and had to ask when I was writing a check. Then I had to ask what day of the week is was too! LOL (One of the many hazards of summer vacation...what will I ever do?) Anyways, this week's freebie is from my Numbers Math Packet. At the beginning of every year one of the first things my kids make are number flashcards to take home. It's a simple activity to incorporate into math centers/stations. Enjoy and as always leave me a comment and defiantly join/follow my blog for upcoming freebies!

 Click on the picture above to download the file.
Numbers 0-10 included in this freebie! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Act of Kindness

I feel so loved!  Laura from TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students sent me the One Lovely Blog Award!!! 
Now, it's my mission to find other new bloggers out there in cyberspace so I can award them too! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Classroom Bargains

My "BFF Yard Sale Adventure" didn't go as good as planned but I still got a few things and had fun riding around with my BESTIE! I spent some time last night on the computer (not a shocker) looking at the local newspaper and community website to map out my yard sale plan! It was all figured out! BESTIE picked me up early in her dad's truck (just in case) and we headed to Starbucks (our crack) for our morning Mocha Cookie Crumbles! We were focused and ready to make some bargains! The plan of action was to hit all the multifamily sales first....BUST!  There was NOTHING at any of them! My little teacher brain tried to think outside the box but the box was just junk at these sales! We were disappointed but hadn't given up yet! We starting driving through some of the neighborhoods we know really well and what do you know....NOTHING but crap-o-la! Last but not least we traveled to the outskirts of our county to a cute little country home. And this is what I found......
20 books for $2.00

Candy Land and a Penguin Pillow Pet (for "Read to Self")  
Only $1.50 for both! 

Grand Total (not including Starcrack)....$3.50! 

 I would love to hear about all the bargains you have 
found for your classroom!

OCD Kindergarten Teacher...

I'm sure I'm not alone in this but do you go crazy making lists of things to do for your classroom? I've filled up one notebook since this past spring with tons of ideas. I had to buy a new one today to start more lists. I wanted to share some of my OCD tendencies with my fellow bloggers. My plan is to post tons of pictures of before/after shots of my classroom once I go back in July.  Here are just a few of my idea drawings...
(3 of the 4 walls in my classroom)

(Excuse some of my notes...they may only make sense to me.)

Whenever I get my room together I'll post real pictures beside my drawings to see how I did. :-)
It's time for bed, t-minus 4 hours before it's yard selling time! I've got my list of addresses and things I want! My summer sleeping schedule is totally screwed up! It's almost 4am here in Georgia!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebie

I want to invite you to join my blog so you don't miss all my freebies this summer! I've been working on a lot of activities for this upcoming school year and plan to post a freebie every Friday! 

This week's freebie is from one of my top selling items on Teacher's Notebook! Enjoy!

Don't forget to comment about my "First Friday Freebie"!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Summer Bucket List!

My brain is going to explode with all the ideas and thoughts I've been having for this upcoming school year! I would say it's Pinterest but my computer doesn't automatically start up and go straight to the website on it's own! (feels like it does sometimes)  I've made so many list of things I want to accomplish this summer but I don't know where to start! So, last night I was in the land of kindergarten blogging and decided to make a summer bucket list like some of my fellow bloggers! 

My Summer Bucket List:

I'm sure this list will keep growing as I explore Pinterest and other K blogs this summer. But for now, here are the things I want to accomplish before August!
I love this idea...I'm going to stock mine it up with fun Writing Center tools! I may have to but 2 of them with all the little stuff I have in my room!
GENIUS.  Teacher Toolbox (Lowe's hardware organizer)
You can find this tool box at Lowe's.

This past spring I found two bookshelves at a neighborhood yard sale for only $5 bucks! Awesome deal for my classroom! Now, I just have to give them a makeover! (CLICK on this image for an awesome website and directions for this project.)
bookshelf makeover 

I love the idea of having all the kids pose with their birthday and turning it into a display! I think I'll have my kids hold up bigger numbers so when I'm trying to add birthdays to my newsletter and calendar I'll be able to see them!
Cute birthday board!

I'm going to try math journals for the first time this year! I started working on some ideas for the students to cut & paste into their notebooks. Weeks 1-5 are complete and more ideas are flowing through my head...
Click to view more images of journal pages.

I just love these pom poms! I've seen them in classrooms and they just add something funky to it! 
Paper Pom Poms 

I have tons of leftover material from other projects to make this for my classroom door! 
Rag Wreath with Letter

 I have plenty of other things to do but they have to wait until I can get into my classroom mid-July!  

Thanks for taking the time to check out my list! I would love to follow your blogs. I'm pretty new at blogging and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Please leave comments! N.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Emergent Menu Strategy Cards

I've looked all over the place for cute emergent strategy cards and had no luck. So, I made    them myself. Just click on the picture below to download/ print your own copy. Enjoy. N.
"The Daily 5 and CAFÉ are trademark and copy written content of Educational Design, LLC dba The 2 Sisters.  Educational Design, LLC dba The 2 Sisters does not authorize or endorse these materials."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ocean Math Centers

These math centers were designed for an end of the year review but you can use them 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Number Math Centers

I've created another math center packet! I plan to use this one at the beginning of the school year! Enjoy!

CAFE Pensieve Forms

Boushley & Moser's CAFE book has changed my way of teaching kindergarten!  I've been getting my conference notebook ready for next year and decided to add a little color to the CAFE forms. Enjoy!  N.

"The Daily 5 and CAFÉ are trademark and copy written content of Educational Design, LLC dba The 2 Sisters.  Educational Design, LLC dba The 2 Sisters does not authorize or endorse these materials."

I've also created cute calendars for my conference notebook for this upcoming school year! 

K Math Journals

 Kindergarten Math Journals
 One of the many things I'm working on this summer!  Here are the first 5 weeks of school! Enjoy!

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