Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Rewind & Winter Freebie

Wow! Can you believe this year is already at an end? It amazes me how quickly time flies especially when you're having so much fun teaching kindergarten! Since joining the blogging world this past summer, I've learned so much from my fellow bloggers and my wonderful followers! I want to thank each and everyone of you for helping me become a better teacher! 

December was full of excitement this year. Here are few pictures to recap some of the fun we had...
Our Polar Express pajama day is probably one of my favorite days of the school year! The kids always look so cute in their pj's and I love how excited they get about one of my favorite books! Of course, I have a super cute picture of my lions in their pj's but after searching my flash drive numerous times I realized the pictures are on my school computer! (I'll have to update this post once I get back to school!)

My fabulous room mom made us some amazing hot chocolate for our special day! After teaching kindergarten for 10 years, I know that hot chocolate has to be enjoyed at our tables...I've seen one to many cups spill all over the floor! Of course, we made a BIG pillow pallet on the rug and watched the movie after drinking our fabulous hot chocolate! 
We had a special visitor this year from the North Pole! After lots of brainstorming, my lions named our elf "Elfie." The first thing my lions did every morning was look for Elfie.

He was a sneaking little guy!
 Elfie learned how to spell his name while visiting our class!

My new favorite Christmas book is  Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini! My kids had a blast creating their own "moostaches" for Christmas! Such a simple but great activity!  

Last but not least was our class Christmas party! We always try to keep things simple so this year we made Santa hats using an ice cream cone & marshmallows! My lions did such a great job following directions and making sure none of the icing went to waste! Can we say "SUGAR RUSH"? Good thing our party was at the end of the day!

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 Finally, your reward for making it through my LONG post! Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Stuff & Freebie!

Better late then never...
Here's my recent product "'Tis the Season for Learning."  My lions did a lot of these activities last week and had a blast! Click on the picture and you'll be sent directly to my TPT store!

Here's a freebie for you just in case you need a few more activities for this week! I love using these color code pages for morning work! CLICK HERE

Monday, December 10, 2012

R is for Rudolph Craftivity

Our letter of the week is R and with the holidays just around the corner what would be better than a Rudolph craftivity! 

Step 1: Create Rudolph's habitat. The kids were quick to say that Rudolph lives at the North Pole with Santa. So, they used their white crayons and created a snowy setting. 

Step 2: Each student was given 1/2 piece of brown construction paper, 1/4 piece of black construction paper, 1/2 piece of blue construction paper, & a small 1" X 1" piece of red construction paper. We discussed the shapes we would use to create Rudolph and then the kids got busy! I love watching my little artist work! 

Great craftivity to use as a simple holiday door display!

 I just had to zoom in for more pictures so you could 
see how unique and creative each picture is!  
Kindergarten art is one of my favorite things!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Flashback & Freebie

Having an entire week off of school for Thanksgiving break was wonderful but golly it was hard to get back into my school routine! I don't do well with down time...I thrive on having a daily schedule. This week we did one of my favorite units of the year, The Gingerbread Man! Here are few pictures of the different activities we did! 

Math Stations
Count, tally & graph gingerbread kids activity from Kindergarten Smorgasboard's Gingerbread Pack! Get it here by clicking on the product picture! Thanks Mr. Greg!

We also practiced our teen counting using my "Gingerbread Cookie Counting Book." My kids do such a good job counting this year and they love using colored pencils to color their book once they are done counting!  This book is part of my "Gingerbread Literacy & Math Pack". I have a picture with a direct link at the bottom of this post. Go get it so your kids can enjoy all my great gingerbread activities!

We also practiced identifying ordinal numbers and positions with this great cut & paste activity! Again, the kids are allowed to use colored pencils once they've completed their paper.(included in my "Gingerbread Literacy & Math Pack")

Not gingerbread related, but we practiced identifying 3D shapes with my "Spin to Win" game. (Click on the 3D Shapes pack below to get your own copy!)

Gingerbread Daily Five
Daily Five has been going great! We spent the first few weeks of school building our stamina and learning about each element of D5. Now, we are rocking it Here are a few activities we did this week. One of our independent activities was my "Gingerbread Words Match-Up." This activity helps build vocabulary and matching words skills. 

Another activity we did this week was Gingerbread "Stamp It". This activity is differentiated to meet the needs of all my lions! Some are stamping the entire CVC word while others are still working on beginning sounds. (My stamps are kept organized in a tackle box from Walmart...I used letter stickers to label each compartment. We never have any letter mix ups because the kids know exactly where the stamps go!)

 We also used my "Gingerbread Man" emergent reader for our guided reading lesson this week! My little "word detectives" identified and color coded all the sight words in this book! They are becoming such good little readers!

My lions love poems so of course I had to incorporate one into our activities this week. This activity is also differentiated...some lions located sight words in the poem while others located letters. Guess what....this activity is my FRIDAY FREEBIE!! Grab your own copy by clicking on the preview pictures below!

Grab your own copy of all these gingerbread activities HERE! Click on the cover picture and you'll be sent straight to my TPT store!
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